"Frank Considine (FC Media) is one of the top factual camera operators in the business. He takes great professional pride in producing the best possible results. I have worked with Frank for the best part of 20 years, from the war in Kuwait to hunting international criminals. I've been privileged to be alongside a great cameraman and a first-class colleague"
Steve Anderson , Creative Director, Mentorn TV

"Frank has all the right attributes …. He is creative, inventive, diligent, punctual, professional...oh...and tall ...with broad shoulders...great for the shoots when you are in a media melee'...or you didn't pack the jib!"
Rob Hopkins, BBC director, BBC

"I have worked with Frank Considine in some of the most dangerous places in the world. He remains calm in the face of the unknown. Frank has an incredible eye for detail and his work shines on small and big screen. He will not let you down, working all hours of the day to produce over and above what has been asked for in the original story outline"
Richard Collings, director & producer, BBC.

"In all my twenty years managing BBC Newsnight's filming, it has not been possible to find a more positive, reliable, self-motivated, resourceful, cameraman-producer than Frank. In a fast-moving, high-budget business like this, I have to rely on top quality filming from anywhere on the planet at very short notice, and with minimal briefing: I can always rely on Frank to produce a creative, highly-polished product from across the full range of filming genres"
Geoff Callister, BBC Newsnight Assignments Manager, BBC